Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ways to Find Ugly Shit

I thought I would share with you a few of the ways to find ugly shit on etsy.

First, the forums are an incredibly helpful tool in discovering fresh ugly shops. Check out the Critiques section. I've found loads of ugly shit condensed into just one thread!
Another great way to search is to sit in the Buy Sell Trade Chats. Just wait for the ugly shit to rear its ugly head on the right side of the screen.
Lastly, the absolute simplest way to have ugly shit come right to you is to watch the Etsy front page. The recently listed items box which refreshes itself ever 15 seconds, averages about 2-3 ugly items at a time.
Enjoy my friends.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Close But So Far

Oooh you guys are good at guessing!
But sadly I'm not as familiar with the "in" crowd to understand some of the accusations.
Think more.. obscure.

More ugly shit soon!

Ugliest of the Ugly

Let's play another game.
Call out who you think I am.
I won't censor any comments.

Its all good promotion, isn't it?

Here are a few more facts about me:

I am not a seller on
I am was the owner of
I am a famous, or more infamous poster on


Now now. Taunting on Twitter is not nice.
And don't feel ignored if I don't respond to you, I don't write anyone back.
Whether it is a submission, or a nice message, just know that I am smiling lovingly in return.

Ugly Shit Friends

You are getting good at guessing!
Unfortunately all three of those were wrong.

Let's play two truths and a lie.

I am a new seller on
I am the owner of
I am a famous, or more infamous blogger on

And Since You Are Curious

Let's play a game.
Two lies and a truth.

I am a top seller on
I am a member of
I am a famous, or more infamous writer on

Finding Ugly Shit

Finding ugly shit is both simple and difficult.
There is so much of it on Etsy. You've seen it. The shit that belong in a second hand store, or a flea market. The shit with dingy, dirty photographs and disgusting "crafty" appearance. Popsicle stick boxes, diaper cakes, denim and patriotic are just a few of my favorite search terms on Etsy. Thanks to their horrendous search functions, sometimes even looking for NON ugly shit will bring up something vomit inducing.

Also, one of my favorite ways to find it is sitting in Etsy Chat and browsing the hideous items in chatter's shops.

To my friends in this thread, I am happy that you view this as promotion for those making ugly shit. If they can con someone into buying their fucking disgusting wares, then more power to them.
I would like to thank you for this thread, as it has been great promotion for me.

And to a certain friend whose ugly item was featured, and then they messaged me- your views went up because I f5'd it. :) Almost 300 times. Enjoy dear.

I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material... but I know it when I see it.

A Few Guidelines

I should let you know a few of my guidelines.

I do not feature anyone who asks to. Or sends me a superficial "Omg ur following me, hope I don't end up on ur list ;) ;)".
I do not feature the same person more than once. That's just downright mean!

In response to direct messages on twitter: I do not respond to them. You can submit links, but if they are no in original format- don't bother. I will not open any tinyurls or other variants.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted ugly shit. Etsy is a vast, disgusting pustule of ugly shit, I can not possibly find everything on there myself.

Bloggity Blog

This is my lovely new blog.
Here I will be further discussing my fun twitter account: UglyShitOnEtsy
Here we can clear the air about some ugly shit, and learn a little about eachother.
Pour yourself a glass of wine, let's enjoy ourselves.