Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Close But So Far

Oooh you guys are good at guessing!
But sadly I'm not as familiar with the "in" crowd to understand some of the accusations.
Think more.. obscure.

More ugly shit soon!


kcroteau said...

um, actually... I think we hit the nail right on the head.

who do you think you're fooling, CraftDiner?

certainly not me.

traveler said...

its' her alright, she can lie, but it's blatantly obvious. A lot of people know it too. boo hoo.

Casey said...

Yeah, I'm not exactly up on all this Etsy drama, but even I can tell who it is just by the posting style. lol

nekopoops said...

i saw something on etsy that looked like those scab cookies from Wonder Showzen, i dunno if any of you guys are familiar with that show, i think it only had one season

traveler said...

the nail has been hit and hard....give it up and maybe get a hobby...yea.

joye said...
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