Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Now now. Taunting on Twitter is not nice.
And don't feel ignored if I don't respond to you, I don't write anyone back.
Whether it is a submission, or a nice message, just know that I am smiling lovingly in return.


luvzegrets said...

Of course you're smiling through it all. You're bipolar. You're off your medications and your delightful sense of humor has taken a hideous turn, as it always does when you're off your meds. Having a bad tooth doesn't help, I know.

I don't think you're a best seller at all. I think your sales have dropped dramatically and you're bored shitless so you're taking your frustration out on poor unsuspecting shops on Etsy.

I hope your toofs feel better soon, your shrink gets you back on track, and you find something better to do with your life... soon.

Poor thing.

bria said...

That bipolar comment was really inappropriate.

Unless you know who this is and you know his or her's mental state, it's incredibly offensive to me, as someone with a mental illness.

bria said...

Oh and I'm fucking sick of people using mental illnesses as an insult.
Fucking disrespectful and not even a good insult.

luvzegrets said...

Considering the content of this whole blog, I don't see anything offensive about that comment at all. Besides which, you can be "fucking sick" all you want, but everything I said was true.

rr36754793xxxch said...

I hope someone runs you over, splaying your organs all over the road... and some kitschy krafter comes by and makes something out of it. Something like oven gloves and a nice scarf out of your intestines.

And I hope you're alive when they're crafting from your organs.

luvzegrets said...

Oh, my! Aren't we something special...

luvzegrets said...

Errr... uh.... hmmmm... I mean... unless you're referring to the owner of this blog, in which case more power to ya!

thordora said...

Man, I guess that means all of us with bipolar think this is funny, since I AM and think 98% of the stuff linked to IS completely horrid and funny. I mean really, an angel made of broken Corelle? You'd pay for that?

I think there is a LOT of humor in seeing what passes for "art", what people think it's worth, and how thin the skin is of most people.

Myself-I've found some awesome stuff today on Etsy BECAUSE of those tweets. So maybe ugly DOES sell.

And thanks for using mental illness in place of your deficient sense of humor. I hope your crafting is at least a little better than that. But oh, private troll profile. Can't even tell.

bria said...

I agree with thordora 100%.

Lann said...

I also agree with what thordora said. It is also amazing what passes as "Fine Craft"...(I mean look at the jewelry section)

Also, some sellers seem confused between what's "handcrafted" and what's "hand assembled".